The next few steps

Well, here I am. Where, you ask? Well, I’m not really sure, either. Existentially, I mean. Geographically, I am on the move, too. The London chapter of my life is coming to a close. I got the keys to my new place last week, and spent the most part of a week sleeping alone on […]

Do I know you?

Dissertation hell. OK, I say hell – it’s not that terrible. I could probably have made it a bit easier on myself by starting work in earnest a bit earlier in the year, but what’s done is done and I might as well just have a long hard slog now. If you’ve read previous blog […]


Blatantly a very old photo. But it expresses the right emotion. I’m free! Had my last exam yesterday, and now all that stands between me and MSc-dom is a lengthy research project. But that’s fine. That’ll be fine. Sorry about the lack of post yesterday (and you might want to get used to the idea […]