Spinning a Yarn

Christmas could very easily have been a bust. Following my unwilling submission to norovirus (the Winter Vomiting Bug) in the wee hours of Thursday the 19th, I prayed that Ben would either 1. get it soon after me and get over it in time for Christmas, or better yet 2. miraculously avoid it all together. […]

Letters to the Editor: Science vs. Magic

I am a very proud daughter. My dad got his letter to the Times printed. In full. In bold. With a photo of a rainbow. OK, I’ll explain that. On June 4th, there was an article printed in the Times Opinion pages, by one Raymond Tallis, accusing scientists of suffering from “Darwinitis” and “Neuromania” – […]

Music: Fiddler on the Roof

Yesterday, I saw Fiddler on the Roof for the first time. Twice in one day in fact. And I just so happened to be playing bass in the pit. Lewes Operatic Society were, as usual, fantastic. They all have such great voices and presence in that company, especially the lead playing Tevye (our narrator, and […]