Symphony of Science

Two posts in one day. I know, I spoil you. Really, I just wanted to share with you something that I feel is a beautiful homage, well put-together, and strangely enchanting. It is essentially a mash-up of documentary and lecture clips, auto-tuned to produce a flowing melody, on an electronic backing track, but the end […]

Letters to the Editor: Science vs. Magic

I am a very proud daughter. My dad got his letter to the Times printed. In full. In bold. With a photo of a rainbow. OK, I’ll explain that. On June 4th, there was an article printed in the Times Opinion pages, by one Raymond Tallis, accusing scientists of suffering from “Darwinitis” and “Neuromania” – […]

Do I know you?

Dissertation hell. OK, I say hell – it’s not that terrible. I could probably have made it a bit easier on myself by starting work in earnest a bit earlier in the year, but what’s done is done and I might as well just have a long hard slog now. If you’ve read previous blog […]