The great “Mong” debate

Hello folks! Yes, it’s absent old me. I’ve been very busy. I know, excuses excuses. But seriously: I have three jobs. I’ve been very busy. One of my jobs is as a learning disabilities support worker. So it’ll come as no surprise to you that I have very strong opinions on the recent Ricky Gervais […]


On Thursday, Bubble stopped eating. She had been struggling with myco complications for a good few weeks now, and the antibiotics seemed to be having only a limited positive effect. Rats often have respiratory problems, especially as they get older (my girls are about 2 now). Sometimes they get by on baytril long term, and […]

Time Juggling

I’m still here! Promise. Just a bit hectic here (as always). I still don’t have an oven or washing machine (anyone in Waveney with a spare, working washing machine that they want to donate?) but I now have a fridge and a DOUBLE inflatable mattress. Lots still to bring up from London, but we’re getting […]