Christmas: Bonus!

Hi everyone – you know on Friday, when I said “this is the last gift guide I’ll be posting”? Well, that was a fib. HERE is the last gift guide. And it’s a special one 🙂 THIS post, my faithful readers, is also from my first ever guest poster – I am incredibly honoured to […]

Christmas: Alice in Wonderland

Well, we’re almost there, folks!! Only 8 days to go, and honestly, I can’t wait. I am excited about Christmas in a way I haven’t been since I was about 10. Obviously, this time next week will be Christmas eve, so no time for last minute ONLINE shopping (only time for chocolates from the service […]

Christmas: Pirate Booty

Ho ho ho! And a bottle of rum, this week, chaps. OK, I know I don’t often talk about them any more, but pirates are still THE coolest thing. EVER. Even cooler than sliced bread EVER was. I was given a Playmobil pirate ship for Christmas when I was about… 4? 5? And I think […]