Spinning a Yarn

Christmas could very easily have been a bust. Following my unwilling submission to norovirus (the Winter Vomiting Bug) in the wee hours of Thursday the 19th, I prayed that Ben would either 1. get it soon after me and get over it in time for Christmas, or better yet 2. miraculously avoid it all together. […]

Dogging in the countryside

Hello to those of you who found this blog post because you were googling naughty things. Shame on you. Today I’ll be talking about dog walking. This week, I’ve been looking after my mum’s dog, Dusky, whilst my mum and dad are on the Isle of Wight celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary. OK, I’ve sort […]


I have had one busy week. One more to go. I’m up in Northumberland, getting fresh air and pretending I have not a care in the world. I think it’s working, but I’m not 100% sure yet. Some things I’ve done: Been dragged up Humbleton hill nearly every morning. Ben is an avid mountain goat, […]