Dogging in the countryside

Hello to those of you who found this blog post because you were googling naughty things. Shame on you. Today I’ll be talking about dog walking. This week, I’ve been looking after my mum’s dog, Dusky, whilst my mum and dad are on the Isle of Wight celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary. OK, I’ve sort […]


Blatantly a very old photo. But it expresses the right emotion. I’m free! Had my last exam yesterday, and now all that stands between me and MSc-dom is a lengthy research project. But that’s fine. That’ll be fine. Sorry about the lack of post yesterday (and you might want to get used to the idea […]

Back In The Driving Seat

Those of you following me on Twitter might have seen me “fess up” yesterday. I bought a car. Hmm. I’ve been thinking about getting my own car for a while now – with Ben’s Capri being a classic car (and recently polished to perfection), I didn’t feel comfortable driving it (should the worst happen) plus, […]