Dubai: What to do?

Well, in the final of my blog posts about my mind blowing week in Dubai, I’ll tell you what we did (aside from eat and look at shops). The answer is: not a great deal. I’ll be honest with you – you can’t go on holiday to the UAE for more than say a week, […]

Dubai: Stuff Your Face

Today’s post revolves around the food wot I et in Dubai. Yes, it does merit its own post. Food is in abundance in Dubai. Emaraties have a particularly sweet tooth (my mum argues that this is because they don’t drink alcohol, but personally I think they’re right to accept that sugar is awesome). There are […]

Dubai: A Week of Decadence

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve just gotten back from a week’s holiday in Dubai with my parents. It was hot, but more than that, it was obscenely decadent. If you’ve been to Dubai in recent years, you’ll know what I mean. I simply couldn’t believe the scale, the scope and the extent of the wealth […]