Some thoughts on yoghurt

Stick with me on this one. Recently, Arla (Denmark) released a new dairy product in the UK called skyr. You’ve probably seen the advert – (They’ve got a couple of other cute adverts, too, here and here) Unsurprisingly, Arla have come under a bit of fire from furious, patriotic Icelanders. Because Arla isn’t an Icelandic company, […]

When one door closes… it might be a revolving door

Phew. Well, I’m back! Where have I been? Well, how better to tell you but in photos…       Well, that’s it for now! If you want more info on the DHP conference, head over to Twitter for #dhpconf – I KILLED it out there! 🙂 x

Some kind of storm driven Valkyrie, but with a spare tyre

Today was a good day. I didn’t think it was going to be (I’m home alone for the next couple of days, and that always makes me tetchy) but it was. After taking Ben to a job interview (think positive thoughts, people!) and then getting in some groceries (spending money: boo. Chocolate soya milk: yay!), […]