I’m Astrid. I live in Suffolk now! As of 15th August 2011, I am no longer a Londoner (and I only managed 4 years).

It hasn’t always been this way – I used to live in a gorgeous Victorian semi with my family in West Sussex. Times were simpler then.

And then I grew up, and responsibility hit me like a brick. I went to university (I studied Philosophy, and did rather well at it, too), moved in with my boyfriend in Lambeth in my 3rd year, and then had a bit of a crisis concerning what I would do with my life.

I had a regroup over Christmas 2009, and came to the conclusion that Psychology was the way to go: it follows on from Philosophy very naturally, as an enquiry into the human condition. I did a short course on child psychology with the OU, a conversion certificate at London Metropolitan, and I have just finished my MSc at the University of East London.

Eventually I would like to be a clinical neuropsychologist, working with patients with brain damage. But one step at a time, eh? I’m about to start work as a Support Worker/Healthcare Worker.

When I’m not people-watching, I enjoy singing (I am a mezzo-soprano, and used to sing regularly with the English Arts Chorale), playing the double bass, reading, drawing, baking and exploring. I love food: this could be a major issue, if it got out of hand.

I’m highly strung – the pink pills stop me from screaming 😀

I officially moved out of London on August 15th 2011 – there’s lots to do there, but there’s also too many people and too much stress. It’s pretty poor quality of life considering the money you pay to live there. Now, I live in the countryside in North Suffolk. Loving it already.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Favouritist? (Nasi Goreng recipe) Lol.

    Seriously great blog, you obviously have a bright future ahead of you.

    My favouritist recipe at the mo is Thai Green Chicken Curry, I’ll send you the recipe (and maybe even make it for you if you’re VERY lucky). I’ll let you make the rice to accompany it.




    • Making up words keeps human language evolving and therefore we keep growing as a species. Pinker told me so. Blame him 😀

      Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog – it means a lot! Ever thought of making your own philosophy blog..? 😉

      I LOVE Thai curry, so I would be super grateful for recipes or even cooked meals. I would be honoured to make the rice 😉

      Love & hugs



  2. Just tried the pasta sausage & carrot recipe but with half a dozen cloves of garlic added (mince the cloves and add to the sauce, do not fry), plus a tablespoon of chili powder, a tablespoon of tabasco and a tablespoon of Sambal Oelek in the mix. Wow, its great – may need a pot of cold yoghurt to cool things down!


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  4. Hi Astrid.

    I’m glad that you decided to take psychology.

    I feel that I could relate to you. I’m quite the anxious serial pessimist as well.

    So what I do everyday is I try to change that. I get rejected by trying to make friends, offering people things, etc. to combat that anxiety!

    1. Is there an e-mail that you have, would be cool to contact you there too.

    But all these food posts are making me hungry :O



  5. Hey 🙂 Long time.. I just (by chance) saw the tweet’ mentioning me.. thanks for all that. Sorry I didn’t notice until now 😦 See you around and cheers. 🙂


  6. Astrid
    Hi I’m an artist and pretty interested in Identity and all that entails. At the minute I’m researching prosopagnosia and came across your blog.

    I’m in London, just moved here in Jan actually, any chance of meeting up to chat more about your research, thoughts on the subject to help inform my work?
    you can look at my website(s) to find out more about me.



    • Hi Bernice –
      Thanks for your message, and sorry for taking time to get back to you. Unfortunately, I moved to rural East Anglia last year, and as such rarely come into London. Also, my research into prosopagnosia was just a MSc dissertation, and I’m all wrapped up with that now. However, if you want to talk to an expert, my supervisor, Dr Jansari, can talk at length on the subject 😉 Find out more at: http://www.uel.ac.uk/psychology/research/face-recognition/

      Good luck with your endeavours!

      Astrid x


  7. Hi Astrid! Love your blog – and your hair!

    This is going to be a totally random question, but here goes. You posted a few years ago about toys on a workdesk (https://unravelcat.wordpress.com/2011/02/10/the-personal-touch/) and I noticed that you have a little blue wolf from Ikea – it came up as an image when I searched on Google.

    My boyfriend and I had the very same blue wolf toy, but lost it some months ago – and I’ve been trying to find one ever since, as he was quite sad to lose it!

    Is there any way you would consider parting with your blue wolf for a little sum – or are you quite attached to it too?

    Please let me know: it’s his birthday next week! My e-mail is cat4@st-andrews.ac.uk, if you’d prefer to reply there.

    Thanks! Caroline (Southampton, UK)


    • Oh Caroline, thank you for your kind comments. And I certainly would be willing to part with the wolf – if I knew where he was! I suspect he ended up with the niece or some such, I have no idea. If I come across him, I will certainly let you know, but for now, I have no idea.
      And IKEA don’t stock them any more? Shame 😦



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