Health & Appy-ness

Oh, I do love a pun, me.

I thought I’d share some brief reviews of health related apps I’ve been playing with. This lets me indulge three of the things I enjoy:
1. Health related behaviour
2. Apps/tech
3. Me talking about my views, because it’s my blog, gosh darnit.

So let us begin.

First off: Google Fit.

OK, on first use, I was excited about Google’s “Fit” app, because you need to do very little to get started, there are minimal features (sometimes this is a really good thing – I don’t like an overly fussy app), and it has good potential to seamlessly fit in alongside all of my other Google…stuff.


But the honeymoon period was swiftly over. Google Fit is still pretty buggy – when it’s tracking and saving, hurrah! But it randomly dumps info: today I might see “oh cool, I’ve done 12,000 steps today” and then tomorrow? the record for the previous day has mysteriously disappeared. Also, it doesn’t always sync properly. I was over-joyed to find I could sync my RunKeeper account, which I’ve used since 2011, but it’s not perfect, to say the least. For some reason, even though I ran over 3 miles yesterday (dutifully tracked with RunKeeper), Google Fit still hasn’t realised…

The Google Fit app is pretty good in principle – it’s pretty accurate at judging when I’m walking or running or cycling (no, I don’t tell it – it guesses based on average pace!!). However, the syncing problems are really frustrating and pretty unforgivable.

That said, Google Fit’s read-outs can be pretty insightful (when everything works properly!!) – you can see a good overview of your activity over the month, both in terms of active time, and in total steps taken. You can see a total for all active time, or separate out data for walking, running, etc. You can also manually input other activities, e.g. weight training, yoga, etc. so you can get a good overview of whether or not you’re getting enough physical exercise over a week.

At the moment, it’s a measly 2/5 for Google Fit. Fix the bugs, Google, and then we’ll talk!


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