Is there a doctor in the house..?

Hello, blogosphere!

It’s me again (yes, I’m still here!)

Phew, it’s been a busy month! You may remember that I recently whinged about not getting funding for my PhD at Surrey. Well, turns out that’s fine because I interviewed at UEA to do a PhD and… Well, I’m now a fully funded PhD student at UEA!

That all happened pretty quick, right? You’re telling me. I interviewed on the 23rd Feb, they emailed me the next day offering me a place, I handed in my notice at work the day after, and I officially enrolled on April 1st (and it turns out it wasn’t just some elaborate prank)! I am very excited but also utterly terrified. I’m sure it will all be fine. It feels a lot like this all over again, though:

Bungee! On our honeymoon in Scotland in September 2013

Bungee! On our honeymoon in Scotland in September 2013

Only this time, it’s more to do with the effort I put in, rather than a statistical chance, that it will all go off without a hitch (and it might take longer than 30 seconds for the experience to be over).

There’s a lot to be done – aside from the obvious (doing a PhD) I’ll first have to work out HOW. Plus arranging a Stage 2 supervisor, reading a lot, socialising with my new peer group, graduating from Surrey (2 weeks from now), and the list goes on… Oh, and the garden has burst into life! Which is lovely, but also means it needs serious work doing…

what I’ve been listening to:
Disciples – They Don’t Know Oh lord.
Everything Everything – Distant Past All about this track. Love the Star Trek sample right at the beginning, there’s something very satisfying about the diction. I just loves it.
A lot of ragga/dancehall Blame Ben. Also, we invented something called “raggadance”. Which is basically riverdance, but to ragga. Which is even more hilarious than you might imagine.

what I’ve been reading:
Lots of journal articles – There’s no getting away from it, I’m full throttle back into it again. I was kind of dallying with journals the past 6 months, but now they’re 100% back on my radar.
Books, websites, articles about how to be a Ph.D student – because frankly this is real, and this prospect I find unsettling.
Who am I kidding? Nothing else gets read.

what I’ve been watching:
Game of Thrones
– ok, I realise I missed the boat on this one. But with fibre broadband finally coming to our area, plus a new Vodafone contract giving me 6 months free NowTV, I thought “what the hell” and caught up on 4 seasons. Thoughts? It’s definitely fun, but I’m a little miffed that the general population is acting as though it is GROUNDBREAKING. i09 even ran a list of authors who were writing this sort of thing before G.R.R.Martin, just none of them ever got their books made into big budget tv series. And now I want to go and read some Gemmell, damn it.*
Gardener’s World – I’d like to collect my pension now, please.

Until next time, folks! 🙂


*My online alias for a long time was Dace, a demon which possesses the main protagonist of Gemmell’s Dark Moon novel. It is still one of my favourite fantasy books of all time, to the extent that when I was a teenager I painted the cover art as a mural covering a whole wall of my bedroom. I still have a couple of friends who refer to me as Dace, which is odd, sweet and nostalgic.


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