Hello 2015!

Ok, a few days later than promised, I know. But I’ve been waaaaay too busy enjoying my time off work to sit down an blog. This mainly involved dog walking and huddling in front of the living room stove. Huddling? Yes. Because we ran out of oil on Boxing Day and the next delivery isn’t due until some time this week… Getting to know heating oil is proving to be trickier than I first anticipated, and the tank seems to play tricks on me and run out at the most inconvenient time. We’ve put a bit of black tape on the viewing pipe now, to reflect the REAL lowest point of our tank, because the tank LIES.

Whilst cold, the weather has been very pretty –

But what does 2015 herald? Well, I’ve got work to do to make our house more homey, including boring boring structural works and fun fun redecorating. I also want to do a number of things to the garden, especially the herb garden (I pulled out a load of lavender – there was waaaayyy too much).

Job wise… A bit uncertain. My contract ends in July, but I was kind of hoping I’d have a PhD to go to before then… We’ll see how that goes, I’ll keep you posted.

Oh and another thing: I was appointed the Division of Health Psychology’s interim Public Engagement Officer! This basically means I tweet a lot of health related articles. But it’s nice to be on the team 🙂

Anyhoo, back to work tomorrow. I best get some shut eye and get ready to face reality…! x


2 thoughts on “Hello 2015!

    • Thanks! I’m always stoked when photos taken on my PHONE turn out like this… I’ve never been great with a camera, so seeing the quality of phone cameras improve over the years has been a god-send..!


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