A gardener’s task is never done

Oh whoopsie, I’ve been slacking with the ol’ posting haven’t I..?

I’ve got a good excuse though, I promise. With autumn bedding down, we’ve been spending any spare daylight prepping the garden for winter. Monty Don said I should make a leaf pile, so I did (and before the smart-mouth mum’s out there ask: no, if Monty Don jumped off a cliff, I wouldn’t do it). We cleared and leveled a space to put the trailer when it’s out of use. We dismantled some old, decaying compost bins and cleared the space to make a log pile. There is still loads to do, but it’s looking a lot tidier already –

As you can see, there are a LOT of leaves to rake up, and much pruning to be done. But I’m pleased that at least some jobs ticked off the list…!

Finally: I recently discovered MyFolia. OK, so it’s not exactly a thriving social network compared to some, but it’s an enjoyable cataloguing tool for those amongst us who enjoy such activities. I can record what plants I’ve got and where in my garden, as I discover them. If you fancy joining me over there, I’m leafykitti

How are you prepping your garden before the freeze?



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