Sofa Saturday #5

I am EXHAUSTED. Ben had me awake at 6am because he thought it was a good idea to start a 6 mile hike at the crack of dawn. Seriously, the sun was only just coming up when we began our Sandlings trail walk.

But it was lovely, and it has definitely reminded me that we need to get making some coats for Jessie & Floss – they’re fine when we’re walking (and they’re running) but when we stopped for breakfast, they got cold sitting still.

So I’ve been browsing for inspiration –

I am in love with the products on offer at DGDogGear. A lot of other whippet/greyhound coats seem pretty ill-fitting and sadly you lose the beautiful shape that sighthounds are famous for (deep chested, slim waists). But DGDogGear seem to have gotten it right. With sculpted fleeces made from several tailored cuts of fabric which follow the lines of the dog, this jacket is definitely on my wishlist.

This activewear coat from PepperPetWear on Etsy is pretty awesome, too. A little less cuddly looking, but good utility wear. And a snip at <£30.

Am I alone in thinking the concept of dog pyjamas is utterly hilarious? No, I didn’t think I was… But don’t these whippet ones from majDesigns on Etsy look snuggly? I bet they’re super cosy.

And finally, I’ve been thinking about puppy’s first Christmas… I’ve already bought them some bones with turkey & cranberry filling (that should keep them entertained for all of ten minutes…) but….

HAH!! Poor sod. (via GreyBabyCrochet on Etsy)

Have a lovely weekend, folks x


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