Sofa Saturday #3

Hi Saturday sofa crew! Today’s post is super special because it comes from a NEW SOFA. When we first moved in, the only living furniture we had was the tiny two sitter the previous owner left behind, and a single cream armchair from our old place, which to be honest was also a freebie. Both are a bit old-ladyish. But today we picked up a STEAL via Preloved!!

Sorry for the naff photo - just a quick mobile snap to show my mum!

Sorry for the naff photo – just a quick mobile snap to show my mum!


There is now tonnes of space to sit in our living room! Happy me 🙂 the pups are still a bit freaked at the change, but they’ll get used to it soon enough…

But on to my Saturday surfing –

This ring from SaraReynoldsJewelry on Etsy would drive me nuts, because I can’t stand when rings catch on things… But isn’t it GORGEOUS?? Maybe for special occasions…

I confess, I actually bought these boots from JustFab. They are lovely, and comfy, and just what I needed right now. But they aren’t leather, and that zip isn’t as blue as it looks in the photo (slightly disappointing). But then, they cost me £17.50. (A word to the wise: cancelling your membership involves a very tedious phonecall)

GUYS it might be time to accept that autumn is here. But fret not: knitwear is THE BOMB. Especially this gorgeous green cable number from Seasalt. And the short sleeves make it a great transitional piece.

…and why not layer it with something yummy like this long-sleeved t-shirt from Joules? I AM IN LOVE WITH ALL OF THE COLOURS!!!


And that’s your lot for this week, folks. I’m off to lounge on my new (to me) sofa, and watch some crappy weekend telly!




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