Squaring the circle

I’ve just started a crochet blanket. It’s not any old granny square blanket – it’s a stash buster –


Pattern from PurlBee

This forms part of my New Year’s resolution of…well, stash busting. I have a pretty impressive yarn stash now, and I’ll start running out of space if I’m not careful. This exercise is to remind me that actually, I do have a lot, but until it’s used, it’s not useful and it’s not seen, and I forget about it, and I feel like I have very little.

Once again, my fibre-craft acts as a real-life metaphor (oh ho ho). I’ve got rather a lot on at the moment – some of it I have no control over, most of it I’ve brought upon myself. Par example, assignment deadlines are looming, application deadlines are looming further. But I have to step back, and regroup, and remind myself that I already have the weapons in my armoury necessary to deal with it all, it’s just like (with the yarn) that I stashed all the info I need in order to tackle each one in turn, and produce something to be proud of. After all, I wouldn’t have gotten this far if I wasn’t capable of doing it.

Two of the best tips I have for students (or anyone, really) struggling to cope with multiple deadlines (aside from the usual to-do lists, time management, etc etc) are:

  1. Talk to your peers. This is useful for so many reasons – some, your lecturers will have told you about (sharing knowledge, brainstorming, proof-reading) – but my personal favourite? Don’t feel alone. It brings you back down to earth, and reminds you that you AREN’T THE ONLY ONE who is suffering from post-Christmas-slump. Your brain checked out when you broke up for the holidays, and hasn’t yet reappeared? It’s ok. That’s normal. It’s very reassuring to know that.
  2. Take time for things you enjoy. If you spend all your time trying to force yourself to finish your assignments, you will come to hate them, and subsequently resent your discipline. Yes, it’s important that you work hard, and yes it’s important that you meet those deadlines. But that doesn’t mean that you need to do nothing BUT. Hence the crochet.

Anyway, I have a blanket to work on. Or an assignment. Or both.


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