Frogging is a concept familiar to the seasoned knitter or crocheter. It might not be so familiar to you, if you don’t fall into either category.

Just fyi, it’s not amphibious dogging.

It’s when, after having made considerable progress with a project, you realise (for whatever reason) that you need to undo all your hard work. You rip it apart. Rip it. Rip it. Like the sound a frog makes. Don’t ask me why, but the term “frogging” has stuck. You pull out your needles (or set aside your hook, if you’re so inclined), and simply pull and pull the yarn until it’s all unravelled and you’re back to where you started, minus some time and patience.

I got about 80% done making this hat before I realised it was way too big, and frogged it.

Ghost of a former hat

I do this a lot, both literally and figuratively. Which is one of the reasons this blog is called “Unravelled”.

I haven’t completely frogged this blog, more just taken it back a few rows. OK, a lot of rows. But it seemed fitting, with 2014 fast approaching, and with everything changing at a rate of knots, to overhaul the look of this blog. And post again.

I know, I’ve said it before, and I’ll likely say it again. But how about we set some ground rules?

  1. I won’t be posting frequently. That will do my head in (and yours, too, I should imagine)
  2. I’ll try to keep the focus on either making stuff, or psychology. But I’m sure you forgive me if I post the occasional adorable photo of a puppy.
  3. I won’t delete any historic posts. Just bear in mind that a lot will have changed between now and when I first started this blog. I might not even agree with my former Me. All things are transient: take that into account.

So, without further ado…



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