Some kind of storm driven Valkyrie, but with a spare tyre

Today was a good day. I didn’t think it was going to be (I’m home alone for the next couple of days, and that always makes me tetchy) but it was.

After taking Ben to a job interview (think positive thoughts, people!) and then getting in some groceries (spending money: boo. Chocolate soya milk: yay!), I got home (11ish), got changed into my running gear, and got myself psyched up for a run. And then it started hailing. I waited a bit until it cleared, then bit the bullet and went out for a run.

Half a mile down the road, the heavens mocked me by re-opening. Fortunately, I had the forethought to wear my stylish rain coat.

Oh yes. I ran in the rain. And I felt EPIC for it. Thanks to my eclectic running playlist (featuring Outkast, Swedish House Mafia, Pendulum and LMFAO, amongst others), I felt like a bit of a powerhouse. And when I got home, I went a bit Rocky on it all – tried using the pull-up bar Ben put in the shed doorway. I pulled it OUT of the doorway. Replaced it. Tightened it up. Managed 3 half-pull-ups and 3 half-chin-ups (couldn’t quite manage to raise my chin above the bar).

Next, as Ben is away, the garage is empty and there’s space to hang up the punch bag. Let me tell you – lifting a punchbag to the ceiling in order to hang it up is a workout all its own. I managed a full 30 minutes punching and kicking (HARD – no wussing about) thanks to my equally eclectic boxing/weights playlist (freshly compiled whilst recovering from those pull-up attempts). Bjork – Oh So Quiet makes for a fun stretch/box/stretch/box combo and cool-down.

Back to the pull-up bar (I will not be defeated) – my muscles must have been warmed up from the boxing, because I managed 3 PROPER pull ups. OK, I could hold them for about a second, but my chin was definitely above the bar! Get in.

A few sets of deadlifts, Pendlay rows, calf raises and turfy outdoor push ups (I managed 5×3) and I was DONE. Aaaaand stretch. By this time, the sun had come out (typical). All that was left was to breath in the fresh air and cool down in my back garden.

And the best remedy to all this? A lovely shower and dinner of a huge steak and a mound of peas and fried onions. The steak is not just for the benefit of my torn muscle fibres, but I am giving blood tomorrow and need the iron (allegedly). It never stops! AROO!

It’s now only 4 days until my 5k. I’ve raised over £300 so far (thank you to all my sponsors so far – you’re fabulous 🙂 ). I’M READY.

Final note: DOMS are setting in. I regret…. nothing!


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