Time Juggling

I’m still here! Promise.

Just a bit hectic here (as always). I still don’t have an oven or washing machine (anyone in Waveney with a spare, working washing machine that they want to donate?) but I now have a fridge and a DOUBLE inflatable mattress.

Lots still to bring up from London, but we’re getting there, slowly. Ben has, just today, sold his big red Capri for breaking, and was only offered £500 for it. I think he is very sad, but he’s not letting on much, and it’s hard to tell when I’m 3 hours away. I feel bad for him, because I know he loved that car and, given the time, space and money, he would have reconditioned it and made it beautiful.

However, we don’t have the time, space or money for it. In some ways, this is a good thing: our time, space and money is being developed towards our future, home and (eventually) family. It’s an exciting time, but also scary, lots of change and lots of sacrifice.

My major sacrifice at the moment is probably my sanity: trying to juggle training for three jobs is starting to do my head in, with one employer giving me a bunch of night shifts for a few week’s time. But never mind – I expected this. And hopefully, it means first paycheck soon…


2 thoughts on “Time Juggling

    • It was a great car, but it now needs huge amounts of work doing to it to make it road worthy (it failed its last MOT on many, many points). It basically needs a whole new floor pan, lots of welding jobs otherwise. The amount of money that needed pumping into it, plus the time and space in which to do the work made it simply impossible for us to do at the moment.

      We do, however, have another Capri, which is older, in near-mint condition, and shiny black… 😉


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