The next few steps

Well, here I am.

Where, you ask?

Well, I’m not really sure, either. Existentially, I mean.

Geographically, I am on the move, too. The London chapter of my life is coming to a close. I got the keys to my new place last week, and spent the most part of a week sleeping alone on an inflatable mattress. It’s made it really sink in that everything is changing.

I have been finding this whole “finish full time education, move house, start work” thing more stressful and emotionally challenging than I ever could have predicted. Maybe it’s because it’s the unknown. Maybe because it’s all at once. Maybe because I’ve never been good at growth, or change, or being out of my comfort zone. Maybe because, whilst I’ve been offered bank/part time roles at four different organisations, not one of those have started formal training, or told me when I’ll start. But I know part of it is that I’ve never been out of full-time education for more than 6 months at a go, I’ve never lived alone (even if this is going to be for 2 months, at most), and I’ve never ever lived this far away from my whole family. Yes, Ben’s family live close, and they are great, and supportive, and better than being completely in the wilderness, but they are still that: potential in-laws. Not my parents, my brothers, my… you get the idea.

I relish the freedom of all this. But I’d relish it all the more if it was a bit more certain.


2 thoughts on “The next few steps

  1. It’s a stressful time, but I have faith in you – you’ll have it all under control in no time, dont you worry! You’ve already done well to land such a lovely house, and whilst the new chapter of your life that is opening up is intimidating, it’s also full of so many exciting possibilities. Keep your chin up, take the bad days with a pinch of salt and soon it will just be one long string of good days stretching off into the horizon 🙂 lots of love xxxxxx


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