Barn at Beal in Berwick-upon-Tweed


I’ve been meaning to visit the Barn at Beal for several years now. I keep getting recommendations from people to go and try their restaurant – apparently it’s very good. I wouldn’t know – I didn’t have more than a tea and scone there. The food did LOOK good, but it was a bit pricey, and we weren’t there for lunch.

Instead, we went for the birds. Please, please go, first and foremost, for the birds. They are truly wonderful, and are sorely overlooked. For a mere £5 (£3 for kids), you can have a good look around at the birds themselves, but also have unlimited access to the several flight displays the centre hosts throughout the day. The staff are great fun, very friendly and very knowledgeable, and we even got a chance to get hands on ourselves, holding Dudley the 5-week old Little Owl, and looking right into the eyes of a Harris Hawk.

A worthwhile day out. Beautiful birds.

Check out my review of Barn at Beal – I am astridkitti – on Qype


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