Games: inFAMOUS

It’s not all doom and gloom, chaps. In between dissertation writing, trying to move house and get a job, I have down time. Sometimes, knitting is too much like hardwork to fill the time, and it’s at these times that I turn to the PlayStation.

Recently, Playstation Network went down for quite a long while, leaving a lot of people a bit miffed. To say sorry, Playstation gave its users two free games. There was a small selection to choose from, but Ben I decided to go with Little Big Planet (because it’s silly, cute and multiplayer) and inFAMOUS because… it looked the less lame of the rest of the bunch.

inFAMOUS has turned out to be more than just “the least lame” – it is in fact pretty addictive. You play Cole, an unwitting tool in a terrorist attack, who ends up with super-powers following a bomb blast (don’t…just don’t ask). He can suck electricity from power cables et al, and fire it out at things. Whee!

I’m not usually one for games where you have to shoot over a distance (I have terrible aim) – I prefer melee characters. But inFAMOUS is strangely intuitive. It’s a bit like a sci-fi version of GTA crossed with a bit of Prince of Persia (oh yes – you can climb amazingly well, and survive a jump off any great height). As you go through the game, you gain greater powers, including some strange electro-gliding thing, and the ability to “bio-leech”, or suck electrical energy from people’s FACES. But be warned: this will make you more evil.

Yes, inFAMOUS does the good/evil thing – you get many “karmic choices” throughout the game – do the evil thing and you become infamous, do the good thing, and you become a hero. It affects how civilians act towards you, and which missions are available to you. To make sure we can observe the entire plot, Ben is running an evil campaign, whilst I get to be miss goody-two-shoes. It’s nice to be liked.

In inFAMOUS, the city is your playground – you can go pretty much anywhere, scaling buildings, grinding along railway lines (induction grind – great fun, AND you can recharge your batteries this way). The missions are challenging, varied, but not impossible – from simple escort tasks, to races against the clock to reset satellite uplinks, to all out wars with criminal gangs. Good fun. A nice mix of real-world griminess mixed with a touch of fantasy. The cool kind.



5 thoughts on “Games: inFAMOUS

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  2. I found inFAMOUS to be short but hella fun. The karmic choices appear overly simplistic, but is refreshing after Fallout New Vegas’ rather complicated karma system.

    Oh, and a freerunner who gets superpowers? Genius reason for the lead character.


  3. In New Vegas, the complexity come from not being able to really tell which is the good/evil/neutral choice from the dialogue. Whereas in inFAMOUS, it is extremely obvious which the good choice and which is the bad choice (apart from the mission where you have to storm the bridge. That got me thinking for a bit).

    Fallout 3 is simpler as you can easily tell from the dialogue what is good/evil/neutral.


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