I Want To Ride My Bicycle

As I mentioned yesterday, you may have notice that summer is pretty much here. Really, I should be lounging somewhere in the sun, not wearing very much. But I have this love affair with food (affair? It’s the longest relationship I’ve ever had) which means I don’t suit skimpy beachwear.

But another joy of summer is that it’s cycling weather. On yer bike, and all that. I need some encouragement – London is a terrifying cycling experience, and I don’t much like leaving the house. So good news: I can fit my mountain bike in the back of my new car! Hurrah – get out to the country with the bike.

But should I want to cycle in the city, there is encouragement there too. The famous “Boris Bike” scheme makes bikes accessible to all, and whilst I have never used them myself (I have my own bike, and therefore have no need for hiring one), they seem to have been a great success with the general public.

Image from The Bike-sharing Blog

And TFL have now set up the London Cycle Challenge 2011 – you can sign up, join a team (get your workplace or school/college to set one up) or set up you own team of friends and family, then between 18th June – 18th July, you can log the miles you cycle. Miles equate to points, and of course, points mean prizes. Find out more on the TFL website.

Not a cycling commuter and want some ideas of where to cycle in London for pleasure? No problem. TFL are here to help again – they are supplying free paper maps for different areas of London, each map with many different route suggestions. Order them here.

And finally: please stay safe. They design some pretty cool helmets nowadays, and you can get neon reflective stickers in a multitude of designs (I have them in the shape of pawprints. Hurrah!) Lights at night, and try not to weave in traffic too much. Oh, and have fun!!


4 thoughts on “I Want To Ride My Bicycle

    • They look pretty good, really. Obviously, there are limits (I wonder how tall you’d have to be to be TOO tall for them, rather than too dinky!), but I think there will always be difficulties suiting everyone.
      I hear they’re going to make a loss for many years to come, though?


  1. Not sure about the helmet advice. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that they put cyclists at greater risk by encouraging cars to pass closer, & create a false sense of safety in the cyclist. They are useless any type of collision, & are only tested to be effective for a standing fall. In fact make more sense for pedestrians to wear them!


    • I think nurses on the brain injury ward would tell you quite differently – whilst helmets won’t protect you from all damage from a fall, they will soften the blow. Helmets are designed specifically for that reason. I think the argument against wearing bicycle helmets come from the same school of thought as the pro-smoking brigade – they are pretty weak arguments, and the pros of helmet wearing far outweighs the costs. Have a read: http://www.cyclehelmets.org/1159.html There are many other studies of this ilk!


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