The Great British Summer Picnic

OK, yesterday was possibly not the loveliest, sunniest day for a picnic, but we went for it. Maybe that’s the joy of the Great British Picnic – braving the potential chills, packing a coat (just in case), having a bracing romp through some fields to work up an appetite, before breaking out the feast.

I know I checked-in at Wimbledon Park yesterday afternoon (Qype), but we changed our minds and headed on to Boxhill in Surrey. A little quieter, a little more rural.

After a stomp around the woods (and even up some gentle inclines – dear god, I need to get fit), we got our brand new picnic basket (only £20 from Dartford market) out of the car and set up next to the river Mole.

I’d made up a veritable feast, composed mainly of fresh produce from Dartford (we were there on Saturday). Ham sandwiches, in seeded rolls from the baker’s stall. We also got a big onion bhaji, a big spring roll and a samosa from said baker. The ham was off the bone at the butchers shop, which also supplied us with mini Cornish pasties and a bag of real pork scratchings.

With a bottle of red and some elderflower cordial, all it took was some hummus and carrot sticks, and we were off.


We picked a relatively quiet spot, but there were still dog walkers about. Some were pretty aloof, and I’m still surprised by the snobbishness of strangers – a smile and a “hello!” doesn’t cost a thing, people. That said, there were some friendly ones that struck up casual small talk. Everyone coveted our picnic.

Oh, and Ben found a pork scratching that looked like a prawn. Yay!


What’s your favourite thing to put in your picnic basket?


4 thoughts on “The Great British Summer Picnic

  1. I was sitting in one the other day that had two cup holders in it – presumably one for your beer and the other for your whiskey chaser.

    Also your picnic basket fills me with JOY.


    • Genius! Ours only have one cup holder each, but we also have collapseable tables, which have 2 cups holders each. Yay!

      It’s picnic season. Huzzah!


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