Qype: Latchmere Motor Spares in London

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My partner Ben has been going to Latchmere Motors since before he could drive – as a kid, he’d go along with his dad, to pick up all the bits he needed for his cab.

When Ben got his own car, he stayed loyal to the two brothers that run Latchmere Motor Spares. And why not? Reasonably priced, if they haven’t got it they’ll GET it, they’re a vast wealth of knowledge, very helpful and good fun to chat to. Oh, and they have a shop’s cat – an 18 year old mog called Ratbag. She is lovely, and playful like a kitten.

But no more – Latchmere Motors have been driven off the market by the big boys such as Halfords. There is no room in the modern world for the small independent specialist shop. They’ve had to close down, and we are devastated. I hope the lads from Latchmere have a nice retirement – they deserve it. They will be sorely missed.

Oh, I took them some cake to say bye. That’s how much they meant to us. You don’t get that with Halfords.

Check out my review of Latchmere Motor Spares – I am astridkitti – on Qype


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