Ham-burgers on Thames

I love a pun, me.

Well, after a loooooong lie-in, Ben and I eventually woke up and wondered what to do with our (steadily approaching) afternoon.

We managed to avoid any contact with Royal Wedding related…anything…pretty much all day, yesterday. I think that counts as a win. At around 2 (yes, I know), we finally decided we couldn’t be bothered with venturing too far, and chose one of our regular haunts to spend the afternoon. The weather was not hot, but it was sunny enough to take our picnic to charming Ham, by the Thames.


OK, we were still technically IN London, but thankfully, it was quiet. It was a bit chilly (maybe that was why) but still sunny enough for me to wear flip flops and drink an entire bottle of white wine by myself.

We set up overlooking the river, in a grassy spot free of dog muck (people, you NEED to clear up after your pets).


And out came the camping stove. Yay! I don’t know if it was allowed, but we did it anyway. And there were many passers by with covetous eyes.

Please note my awesome new goggle-fox t-shirt. Yes, it is a fox with a pair of flight goggles on his head.

We stayed for a good couple of hours (everything takes longer to cook on a gas stove in the wind..), and I got tipsy on aforementioned wine. Still ignored Royal Wedding. Went home feeling good. Win!


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