Food: Oishiii

Yesterday, I told Ben that I fancied some Japanese nosh. I thought we’d just wander down the road to our local (Oishii) but instead he took me for a mystery motorbike ride around the city.

We swung by Westminster to have a gander (and a laugh) at all the folks that had set up there, then turned north. We ended up in Stoke Newington, where Ben had found another Japanese restaurant called Oishiii (note the extra “i” – madness!) which turned out to be a mighty good find.

Whilst munching complimentary wasabi peas (yay!) we got in our drinks. Ben wanted to try a shot if barley shochu (which is not unpleasant, but doesn’t really taste of anything) and I had one of Japan’s finest mainstream beers, Kirin Ichiban.

Ben is not that hot on Japanese food – he’s a bit of a novice with chopsticks and he hates seafood (except squid). As such, he set me the task of ordering the food.

I chose myself a small selection of sushi as a starter (what is it that’s so nommy about sushi? I can’t get enough…)


And for Ben,i ordered tempura squid.


Both starters were delicious, and of course, we shared a bit I’d each other’s. Don’t worry – a couple of my sushi rolls were fish free, so not an issue for fish phobic Ben.

Next up, mains. I treated Ben to a fish of rice topped with deep fried chicken steak and set in an omelette (chicken katsudon).


I had a prawn and chicken number, also sitting on a bed of rice (ankake donburi).


Both dishes were delicious, in enough sauce whilst not being sloppy. Not too salty either, which I think a lot of Far Eastern food suffers from. The rice was lovely, sticky, fat short-grain sushi rice (and watching Ben try to eat rice with chopsticks is an event that should charge an entry fee. Slowed down his eating though, which can’t be bad).

At under £25 a head for two courses, this place comes highly recommended – the food was delicious, the service polite (if a little slow) and the restaurant unpretentious. I want to go again!

You can find Oishiii on Stoke Newington’s Church Street.


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