Dubai: A Week of Decadence

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve just gotten back from a week’s holiday in Dubai with my parents.

It was hot, but more than that, it was obscenely decadent. If you’ve been to Dubai in recent years, you’ll know what I mean. I simply couldn’t believe the scale, the scope and the extent of the wealth scattered everywhere.

I’ve worked out that the only things that you can’t get in Dubai are strippers and Primark. Anything else (yes, even pork) is available. Even well known brands like M&S, Claire’s Accessories and New Look were around. Oh, and they had a Hello Kitty shop.

Oh, and a live Hello Kitty show. Hahahaha <— (maniacal laughter)

OK, something a bit more typically Dubai now (let’s face it – if I want Hello Kitty, I have to wait until Tokyo recovers from natural disaster).

The Middle East is a bit infamous for splattering money over everything. They need to have the biggest, the most expensive, the most exclusive, the most diamond encrusted, solid gold eye-sores available. It was quite a spectacle to see for real, and, as I kept saying all week, it was Something Else.

Let me give you some examples –

The Burj Kalifa, the world’s tallest tower –

An indoor ski slope (bearing in mind this is a country that suffers the high 40s (Celsius) in high summer) –

And the world’s most expensive piano (an ugly monster if you ask me. But who cares? It’s 24-carat gold plated.)

I’m sure one day, some very brave person will write an exposé on the Psychology of the Middle East, and explain why rich Emarities feel the need to show off their wealth in such an outrageous fashion.

Oh, I have sooooo much more to share with you (such as actual stories of stuff we did, and a LOT of photos of food) but I think this so far is enough to blow your mind. Oh, and it’s a Bank Holiday, and outside it is sunny. Rowing at Ham on Thames awaits!

More tales of Arabic extravagance await. Stay tuned!


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