Music: Stowmarket Chorale


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being a guest soprano in the Stowmarket Chorale.

They were set to sing the incredibly challenging Bach B minor mass in St Edmundsbury cathedral, and Les Olive (their conductor, but also our conductor at EAC) asked if I, and three other EAC members, could lend a supporting voice. I’d never sung it before last night, but I relish a challenge, and attempted to learn the work in the four short weeks before the concert.

The B minor mass is HARD. And the performance was far from perfect. But it was exciting, we didn’t get lost, and we were extremely enthusiastic. The audience seemed to enjoy it too, which is generally the aim of these things…

I do love Bury St Edmunds, and my many thanks to Stowmarket Chorale for making us feel so welcome.


2 thoughts on “Music: Stowmarket Chorale

  1. Hi Astrid, I was the one sitting next to you complaining about the hideousness of having to wear burgundy Dralon skirts. I’ve been thinking about you quite a lot since. Not in a creepy way, but in an I-like-your-name sense. Specifically, I am calling one of my new chickens after you. Are you honoured or appalled? I hope it’s the former. She’s a magnificent chocolate brown beast with amazing plumage. i bet she can sing pretty well too. Hosanna!! Judy x


    • Oh I am definitely honoured!! My sister-in-law has some beautiful chickens, and they are wonderful animals.

      It was great fun singing with you guys – I hope I get to do so again soon 🙂


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