Contains Themes Of A Sexual Nature

Hoho. Gotcha. No porno here.

Actually, I’m talking about the new temporary exhibition at the Natural History Museum, entitled “Sexual Nature“, which opened recently.

As I said in my post yesterday, I went to visit the NHM with my friend Vin last Thursday, with the express intention of seeing this temporary exhibition (and going the gift shop, ofc.)

I’ve read mixed reviews of “Sexual Nature”, so wasn’t sure what to expect, but at only £4 for students, it’s not really money wasted, regardless.

Image from NHM website

I have to say, I was really pleasantly surprised by the exhibition – if a little weirded out, too.

You see, when you pass through the big, frosted glass doors behind the ticket desk, it feels a bit like you’ve just walked into a seedy sex shop: there are long curtains to walk around, and what I can only describe as “mood music” softly playing in the background. But do not be alarmed: behind the curtains awaits a wonderland of facts and figures, with slightly unnerving multimedia support. First up is the giant video screen showing chimps fornicating (and my lord, some of them look bored), which you can’t fail to notice as you walk in.

All around you are display cabinets with bizarre artefacts: penis bones, insects “caught in the act”, and even a pair of unfortunate locked foxes (if you don’t know what I mean by this, please go and look it up).

I think the strength of the exhibition lies in its variety: there are a multitude of of different ways the information is displayed, from the written boards (which are very readable), to the pictures, videos, display cabinets and even the slightly disturbing “Green Porno” – the image of Isabella Rosellini dressed as a snail will stay with me always (for good or for ill).

I don’t want to say much more, as it’ll spoil the surprises in store. In conclusion: I loved it. £4 well spent.


Sexual Nature is on display from now until 2nd October.

Open 10.00-17.50 daily, last admission 17.15.

Adult £8, Child and concessions £4, Family £21
Free to Members, Patrons and children aged 3 and under.

This exhibition contains frank information and imagery about sex.



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