OK, so you know about the Brain Awareness Day at UEL now.

But that is not all I have to share with you, oh no.

UEL will also be hosting a public lecture about synaesthesia this month! You remember synaesthesia – the phenomenon of sense-crossing? I’ve talked about it before, you know… Plus, there’s heaps of info available on the UEL synaesthesia research lab webpage.

Friday 25th March 2011 6pm
Synaesthesia as a window into human nature
by Edward Hubbard

Venue: CC1.01, Stratford Campus

Oh look, a pretty poster!

So, I hope as many of you can make it as possible. It’s set to be a really interesting event (if any of you have ever read any Ramachandran or Sacks before, you’ll know how intriguing synaesthesia is!)

The event has a listed Facebook event if you want to RSVP, and you can find more info at the UEL website.


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