Food: Graze

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you can’t have missed it: I am a Graze convert. There, I said it. Perhaps this makes me a pretentious, middle-class 30-something, but I don’t care. Graze is good.

What is Graze? In a nutshell (haha), they are a company that send you healthy snacks. Wait, wait! Don’t be put off! They are DELICIOUS. Let me give you some examples of my favourite things so far:

  • kalamata & halkidiki olives with chilli & garlic
  • fire nuts – chilli almonds, chilli cashew nuts and wasabi coated peanut crackers
  • love mix – dried cherries, goji berries and organic apricots
  • great fire dragon – jumbo chilli maize, roasted & salted maize and satay broad beans

And those are just four of the hundreds of different options available. I haven’t yet had the same thing twice.

So, what’s the point?

Well, having tasty, healthy snacks around means that you’re less likely to grope for the biscuit tin. And, if you graze through the day (whenever you’re peckish) you’re less likely to pig-out at dinner time. There’s more info about the philosophy behind grazing here.

I’ve been grazing for a month now, and I haven’t looked back. The joy is, a Graze box fits through most letterboxes (unless you’ve got an inexplicably small letterbox like Angharad), so even if you’re not in when your weekly delivery arrives, the postman has no excuse, and it won’t end up in your local sorting office.

Fancy giving Graze a go? If you use a promotional code, you can get your first box free, and your second half price (usual price per box is £3.49 inc p&p). You can cancel your account at ANY time, so don’t worry about being roped in forever.

Oh, you want a promotional code..? Go on then. WD1V8QK3. Tell them I sent you.


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