Cupcakes Forever

A special post today: I acquired two big sisters last year (my brothers got married!), and one of those was the wonderfully talented Kerry (now Kerry Christie).

Kerry has been baking cakes for friends and family for as long as I can remember (she made her own wedding cupcakes, and made a beautiful three-tiered cake for when my other brother got married in December). She makes the well-known delicious American-style cupcakes with heaps of buttercream frosting, and she also makes a variety of stunning custom novelty cakes to order. She is extremely talented with sugar – let your imagination run wild!

But her hobby became more than that, and she recently made the bold decision to start her own business.

I took the opportunity to do a little interview with her, when she could take a few minutes spare out of her busy baking schedule.

Kerry runs her business, Cupcakes Forever, (check out the Cupcakes Forever Facebook page!) from her home in the West Midlands. She lives with her husband, Adam, and their five children (4 chickens and Sassi the cat!)

You haven’t always been a cupcake chef extraordinaire – what made you decide to start your own business?
I love cakes. I have enjoyed baking since I was young: always used to help Dad in the kitchen, also did a little cake store for my business studies project. I wanted a hobby, so I joined a local sugar craft class and found I had talent and creative side to me and decided to see if people would want to buy them. I enjoy it so much and I just love the end product when everything comes together!

How long has Cupcakes Forever been around?
I launched the website in Jan 2011 – I’ve been doing research and making cakes for fun for the last year to build up a portfolio, making cakes for friends and family and asking them to spread the word.

Who taught you how to bake?
My dad.

Where do you get your recipes?
Books and the internet, its a bit trial and error some recipes are great some have failed miserably – for example: it took me 10 different recipes to master egg free cupcakes!

Cupcakes have become really popular over the last few years – what do you think makes them so special?
Fluffy buttercream, bright colours and endless decorations, also the fact that everyone gets an “individual” cake at an event, as opposed to a slice from a large cake.

Do you sometimes treat yourself to a sneaky cupcake..? What’s your favourite kind?
Yes I do but not that often, I think with anything everything is nice within moderation, my favourite are coffee and walnut cupcakes, if I do any of these I also make sure I have some left over and I don’t like to share them!

You have another passion, as well as baking how do your chickens get involved helping you make your cakes?
They love to do the mixing! No only joking! They provide me with there lovely fresh eggs every day, can’t get more free range than that really!

What are your most and least favourite things about running Cupcakes Forever?
Favourite: lovely comments from customers about how happy they were with the cakes I made.
Least favourite things are: I wish I had a bigger kitchen to work in and more space to store supplies and ingredients.

What makes your cakes unique?
My prices are realistic and I try and help the customer as much as possible if the budget is tight. I don’t charge extra for coloured cases – like gold or silver – I have found that some companies do this. In other words, my cupcakes aren’t pretentious – but they are all individual!

What designs have been most popular so far?
People seem to like stars and flowers the most at the moment. There are so many different styles to choose from! In a few weeks, I will be doing some Sex & The City themed cupcakes, which I’m really looking forward to as they will look very chic.

If you could invite any 5 people in the world to your private cupcake party, who would you invite?
A Dalek, Kermit the frog, Monkey from PG Tips, Simon Cowell, and Robert Downey Junior Winking smile

And what’s next for you and Cupcakes Forever..?
I will be doing a wedding fair in March 2011. I will also doing the Midland Wedding Fayre next year at The Belfry which is a biggy! But for now I will be concentrating on getting more in my portfolio this year and building my customer base.

Mouth-watering? Well, you know what to do. Kerry is taking orders for Mothering Sunday, Easter, birthdays, weddings, parties… or just a cheeky cupcake glutton’s feast! Head over to her website, or email her with your enquiries. And don’t forget to check out the Cupcakes Forever Facebook page!


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