My little soldier

Well, yesterday was stressful. For the first time in my life, I had to take full responsibility for the life of another living creature.

My darling little rat, Bubble, developed a mammary tumour last week (very suddenly appeared – I was alarmed that an acorn-sized bump appeared on her belly practically overnight). Naturally, I was massively worried and upset – rats only live for 2-3 years, and at 14 months, Bubble is too young to go yet. But we couldn’t let her live with this – it was clearly draining her bodily resources, and in time it would likely increase in size, affect her mobility and ultimately her quality of life.

So, on Tuesday afternoon last week, it was off to the vet (for the first time in a whole year – I have healthy little babies usually!)

Well, the vet confirmed my dreaded suspicions – and then drilled it home that an operation had 50/50 chances of survival. And in rats, tumours are often malignant, so now she’s had one, she’ll likely have more later on in life.

But that’s not my concern at the moment. My concern is the fact that she had a very trying day yesterday (I dropped her off at 9am, and only got to pick her up at 4:30pm), but she is now on the mend.

She was very quiet when I got her home – very unusual for her. She spent the majority of the evening in either my or Ben’s jumper, feeling a bit sorry for herself. But she is behaving a bit more like her usual self this morning!!

Yay for Bubble – my little soldier.


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