Games: House of the Dead: Overkill

House of the Dead: Overkill

I have a special relationship with this game – when I was still going out with the ex, his best friend was helping to develop this game. So imagine my glee when the opening credits rolled, and the first name that popped up for Headstrong Games was Dave Bliss, aka the ex’s friend. I was probably too excited by this, but how often do you get to point at the screen and say “I used to get drunk with that guy! He called me “Striddles”! I crocheted a panda for him!”

I haven’t seen Dave since I broke up with the ex over two years ago now (nor have I seen the ex, or in fact ANY of his friends – I’m fairly sure they don’t really want to see me). But I did send him a little “hello, bought your game and thought of you, hope you’re well” type message, and he was sweet enough to reply. Very strange feeling, but nice to know everyone is well.

But enough reminiscing – House of the Dead is, as to be expected, a bit of a cheese fest. It is very much like the old arcade game you probably played in your early teens – it’s a rail shooter, where your character has a predetermined path, and you can point and shoot at zombies in your way.

It’s cheesey, retro loveliness is one of the things that makes Overkill so. Much. Fun. You essentially get to blast the crap out of an assortment of nasties, whilst enjoying the scenery.

Definitely best to play this game with a mate – Ben and I were slumped on the sofa & armchair like proper gamers, and not really paying attention to our scores. Also, Wii = perfect for shooting games. Point and blast!

The story is not of any particular consequence, but it follows Detective Washington (who swears an awful motherf’in’ lot) and Agent G (who likes country & Western music) as they try to get to the bottom of a zombie/mutant outbreak.

Plenty of horribleness all in all – but that’s half the joy of it. Good shootin’ to you.


2 thoughts on “Games: House of the Dead: Overkill

  1. I’m not good with horribleness in games. In fact I’m not great with games full stop, but am pleased to announce that I am currently in love with Gran Turismo 5. Vroooooooom.

    My favourite line? ‘I crocheted a panda for him!’



    • I’m ok with comedy violence (i.e. HOTD:O is SO cheesey, it’s acceptable – AvP is just terrifying, and I left Ben too it with that one).

      Ben got GT5 but was really disappointed 😦 Shame, because I spent £40 on it for him…. Oh well, CeX gave me £35 back for it, and we got Lego Batman instead! 😉

      Is the PS3 working now? xx


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