Crafty: Quilting

I have always wanted to make my own quilt. A really nice one. In principle, quilting is not too hard, as long as you keep it simple. But once you get the knack, you can just let your imagination run wild. Some designs I’ve seen are as beautiful as any stained glass, and yet they’re soft and warm and look great on the sofa.

Take a look at these beauties I found on Craftster:

Sunburst quilt

Crop Circles quilt

Colour Wheel quilt


6 thoughts on “Crafty: Quilting

  1. I love the colourwheel quit!

    I’ve always likes the idea of quilting, but have been unable to find any clear instructions. Most talk in detail about selecting and cutting your pattern, and then just sew ‘sew together’ – pfft!


  2. If you’re following a pattern in making the quilt top, It’s not a “just sew it together” kind of thing. 1/4 inch seam or at the least the same exact size seam on every piece. The quilting, a whole other bird. I find it helpful to draw (with removable ink) my quilting lines onto the top to follow. Sandwich the top, batting and backing, there are lots of good instructions on line for this. Then with a walking foot carefully follow your drawn lines. Yes, in time you get really good at that!
    Many guilds have people available to walk you through any of these steps.


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