The Christmas haul, part 3

OK, as we’re now well into January, I need to note that this is the third and FINAL part of my Christmas haul. Also, by making this the final part, it might kick me into writing something other than “cop out” posts (i.e. easy writing 😉 )

First up, a little’un – my mum is one of those people who buys lots of little things for people (as well as “full on” gifts): she’ll see something that reminds her of you, and she’ll just buy it. So amongst everything else, I got from her a pack of paper napkins with stars on, and a tin of Wasabi peas (nom!). The Twiglets are just a Christmas staple.

Next up: last time, I mentioned that Ben’s sister had gotten me some beautiful tiny spoons. These are them! There are six in total. Not sure what to use them for (they are SO small and SO pretty) but they look great, right? With their shiny metallic enamel… 🙂

Another Christmas staple is BOOZE. We were lucky enough to add four bottles to our drinks…corner… this year. The Wolf Blass is from Ben’s parents, the Laphroaig is from Ben’s sister and her partner, and the Gran Reserva came from Ben’s work.

And perfect for this cold time of year, this adorable, tiny hot water bottle came from Angharad – you’ll notice that stars are a recurring theme in our household, and Angharad made me “squeee!” with this. Needless to say, it is frequently full of hot water and stuffed up my jumper.

And finally, this little beauty came from my aunty. It’s a wooden cat, decorated with burns and wood-stain. It’s a little hard to make out from photos, but he’s sitting bolt upright, staring upwards. It’s hand-made Indonesian, and I like to think that, like me, this little kitty is staring up at the stars.

Well, that’s it, folks! There were other gifts involved, but I can’t list them all. Thank you to all friends and family – I’ve had a wonderful festive season. I hope you all did too. The decorations have come down – but fear not, they’ll be back before you can blink…


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