Adventures in Wales

As previously stated, we didn’t actually get much sight-seeing done in our 4-day Welsh holiday. This was mainly owing to the pathetic Welsh weather, but also due in large part to our comfy cottage.

But that is not to say that we didn’t go outside AT ALL. We climbed the hill to Paxton’s Tower on more than one occasion, to make the most of the lovely view:

And on the way home on Friday, I spotted this on the map:

Which caused a 30-45minute detour, just so that I could take this photo:

It’s a trap!!


Our main “daytrip” though was to the National Botanic Gardens of Wales, which we could see from the lodge. Arguably, January is not the ideal time to go to a botanic garden (as a lot of the plants are brown and lifeless) but we had the advantages of it being free entry throughout January, and hardly anyone else was there. OK, so some bits were closed (problems with frozen pipes! Oh noes!) but there was still the magnificent tropical, domed shaped glasshouse, which was chocca with vibrant colours:

And the local wildbirds had taken advantage of the warmth and flowers by setting up inside the dome:

The gardens are definitely worth a look in if you’re in the area, as there was plenty for us to see, even out of season. There is also a lovely little cafe/restaurant, a gallery (we met the resident artist! Hannah Lewis Davies) and of course the obligatory gift shop. OK, so the gardens aren’t free all year round, but at £8.50 per adult, you can’t really lose.

So concludes my tales of Wales (guffaw). I would have loved to bombard you with ten times as many photos of what we saw, but that would be overdoing it. If you fancy leafing through the near 200 photos I took (some good, some bad!) that didn’t make the grade, you can find them right here.

As always, thanks for reading 🙂


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