Scent of change

No secret: I’m not exactly a girly girl. I have two older brothers, and throughout my childhood, I was chasing them around, wearing their hand-me-downs and trying to climb trees and shoot air rifles with them. I’ve only ever had one Barbie doll, and that was a Christmas gift from my nan (who didn’t really get me).

And then, at some point in my mid-teens, I was given this mesmerising bottle:

What was it? Is it a genie? Is it magical poison with which I can smite mine enemies?!?

No, it was eau de toilette. Hmmm.

But it stuck. For about 5 years, I was using Sun, Moon & Stars for all my special occasions. I even wore the occasional dress. It’s quite a musky, complex scent, with spice and oriental floral notes (god, I’m not made to write this sort of thing…)

This was a turn around for me – I was a rough houser up until then. I used to have fist-fights in my early teens. With boys. And now I was wearing perfume.

Things only took the next step up when I met Ben – like all good girls, I became more girly in the presence of a nice chap. Dresses, lipstick, and moooore perfume. I fell in love with Body Shop’s perfume oils – Ben swears by White Musk, but they have a wide selection of different scents to suit every client (try going into one of their shops for a browse, as their online shop is not fantastic). I have vanilla, sweet dewberry and spicy patchouli myself.

Then last year, my dad demonstrated that he had quite a good nose for girly perfumes by gifting unto me a bottle of the new D&G 18 “La Lune” – a lovely, light floral smell, which my 14 year old self would have spat upon, but which now, I love.

Then my dad outdid himself at Christmas, and did what every father should eventually do for his growing daughter, and gave me a bottle of the iconic Chanel No. 5. I do not need to describe this little gem to you. It’s iconic. End of story.

And so, against the odds, I appear to be turning into a girl. Oopsie. Sun, Moon & Stars still has a special place in my heart, and it always will. But I certainly feel like a grown up with my vial of No. 5.


4 thoughts on “Scent of change

    • I knoooow. I was totally mesmerised by the prettiness of that first bottle. Kept it long after it was empty.
      And Chanel no. 5 is LOVELY GORGEOUS YUMMINESS. Save it for ultra special occasions.


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