Boxes are for life…

Well, that’s Christmas done and dusted for another year! I hope you had a good one – I know I did. Fine, we all ate too much, spent far too much money, and generally spoiled each other rotten. But that’s what Christmas is all about, right? Good times with family & friends?

But what is Boxing day all about? The exact origins are unknown, but like many long-lasting traditions, it became most popular in the Victorian era: it’s a day of giving to those in need.

OK, so where does Good King Wenceslas come into all this? Aside from the plug for my home town (where the famous carol was written!), Boxing day is also known as the Feast Of Stephen or St Stephen’s Day. And (stay with me here) who was more givey-to-the-needy than the good old King, eh? After all, he took flesh and wine and pine logs to “yonder peasant”, and even shielded his good page from the biting cold wind.

So mark his footsteps today: I urge you, do at least one random act of kindness today. Even if it’s just shovelling snow from your neighbours doorstep, washing the dishes for your mum (after all, she made a MIGHTY roast yesterday, right?), or even if it’s as epic as popping down to your local homeless shelter to help out during this cruel weather.

Goodwill to all, and all that jazz.





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