TV: Ugly Betty

OK, posts about TV will be few and far between – aside from documentaries, I don’t watch much.

And after last night, I will be watching even LESS – Ugly Betty is OVER, people. Maybe I should just give you an advanced warning (and I don’t do this often): SPOILER ALERT.

Ugly Betty was one of the few serieseses that I actually watched. Ben got me into it, would you believe. I originally wouldn’t have given Ugly Betty a second glance (it’s about a fashion magazine) but it is BRILLIANT. Hilarious, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that identifies with Betty just a little bit.

Poor, tragic Betty. She tries so very hard, but really? The fashion industry is not really her forte. She is incredibly talented as a writer, eager, friendly and insightful. But she is not, shall we say “on trend”.

But that’s what makes Betty so lovable. And she’s come a long way in four seasons of the show.

The finale tied up a lot of loose ends in a very short space of time: Justin comes out (finally! As if no one knew), Hilda and Bobby get married and plan to move to Manhattan and a place of their own, Wilhelmina gives up “scheming” and as a result gains the (begrudging) trust of the Meads, Amanda is reunited with her birth father and Marc gets back together with Troy (hopefully for a meaningful relationship). And our favourite pair? Well, Betty is offered another job in London, and, seeing how well everyone else is getting along, decides to go for it, and make a fresh start. Daniel is distraught – he can’t live without Betty. And fangirls everywhere are weeing themselves when Mummy Mead suggests it’s because Daniel has feelings for Betty.

He tries to get her to stay, but Betty has to follow her dream. Daniel, realising how hard Betty works to get what she wants, has a serious look at himself, and then decides to start afresh too. He makes Wilhelmina sole editor-in-chief of Mode, and then disappears.

Cue London montage, and Betty living it up in the city (and unlike two episodes ago, she is ACTUALLY in London this time, not in an almost-London-like-but-horribly-clichéd set+CGI). And who does she bump into? Daniel.

And that’s it. Hints to the future, but without spelling it out for you.

I’m going to miss Betty. Great ending (if a bit hastily wrapped up) to a brilliantly clever show.



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2 thoughts on “TV: Ugly Betty

  1. If it wasn’t for the almost forgone conclusion that Betty & Daniel end up together (it was the result of the Mexican novella upon which the series is based) it could have been nice to see more of Betty’s adventures in London. Unfortunately, happy & settled = lack of drama = lack of storylines.

    I’ll miss it too, but all-in-all a good ending.


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