Things are better miniature

My friend Rebecca commented the other day that I should be Japanese. Apparently the thought was prompted by my colourful bags and my cat-ear hat. But you know, I do sort of a agree with her. If it has a face on it, is miniature or is “kawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii” (cute) then I want it. If it’s colourful and involves animals with OTT facial expressions, more’s the better.

So how can I link this in with Christmas? Well, with my dinky Christmas tree, of course. I live in a one-bed flat: there is no chance in hell that I will compromise space with a wopping great tree. But that’s fine, because I prefer a dinky tree anyway. And what is more amazing? My friend Beth knitted me a TINY TINY Christmas stocking, which adorns the blighter perfectly!!

Yep, tree in a teacup. Photo also features tree-candle from Belgium, and money-box cat, made Christmas-friendly.

So what about you? How are your Christmas decorations shaping up?


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