Woops. It snowed. Quite a bit.

A bit of a pain – it was set to be a Sussex weekend for my family, with my mum’s big birthday meal on Saturday, and a “Christie-mas” celebration on Sunday. I got there mainly in one piece, with minimal delays (I took public transport, believe it if you will). However, Ben had to work in east London in the morning, and ended up getting to the restaurant just as we were finishing our meal.

Nothing compared to my eldest brother and his wife – based in the West Midlands, they left home at around 2pm. They phoned at around 8pm, saying they were still on the M40 and were heading back home. They got back home at 4am. Heroic, and I’m very sad they were thwarted in their efforts.

That said, the four of us (me, mum, dad and aunty) had a lovely meal (I’ll blog about that another day – knackered at the mo and not up for a foodie review) on Saturday.

On Sunday, we congregated in the living room around 9-10am, for tiny mince pieces, tea and present unwrapping. Yay! I’ll have a proper “haul” round up after “real” Christmas.

My family lay out a fantastic spread, so between then and lunch, we had bubbly and nibbles (sweet chilli prawns, tandoori chicken pieces, hard boiled quails eggs and bruschetta with dinky Belgian shrimp). Then, whilst the adults were cooking the roast, Ben and I headed outside to pester the dog.

Oops! Fell over.

I don’t think I need to explain that the Sunday roast was fantastic – beef, croquettes, parsnips, sprouts, carrots, stuffing and lashings of gravy. Followed by a flaming pudding and brandy custard (trust me, it’s champion).

I think I’m still full.


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