Christmas: Alice in Wonderland

Well, we’re almost there, folks!! Only 8 days to go, and honestly, I can’t wait. I am excited about Christmas in a way I haven’t been since I was about 10. Obviously, this time next week will be Christmas eve, so no time for last minute ONLINE shopping (only time for chocolates from the service station – but don’t do that). In line with that fact, this is my LAST Quirky Christmas Gift Guide, and I hope it helps you to grab some last minute winners.

Many of you will know I LOVE Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I even went clubbing dressed as Alice. And I think everyone has a special place in their heart for this literary classic – especially after Tim Burton’s recent, kooky interpretation. So here’s a few gift ideas for the curious Alice lover in your life.

Every Alice needs stripey socks. OK, not explicitly mentioned in any interpretation, but it definitely works. You can get stripey knee highs (or tights, if you’d prefer) pretty much anywhere. But I particularly love my Tabio socks – they’re snuggly thick, and high quality, which explains why they’re £12.


Tabio stripey knee highs

Another thing you Alices will need is a pocket watch. Well, technically, your white rabbit will need a pocket watch, but there we are. I was going to show you a Rock’n’Rose locket that looks like a pocket watch but is in fact a mirror, but they don’t sell it any more. So I’ve had to track down a new one to show you. And I’ve had fun! As usually, Etsy is stuffed full of beauties, but I particularly love this one from finkgifts, priced at a mere $20 (or £13.15)

TIMELESS LOVE Victorian Style locket pocket watch pendant necklace

Timeless love Victorian style pocket watch

Top hat, anyone? Not just for Mad Hatters, you know. Pretty girls can wear them too, and thanks to the burlesque revival going on, there are fascinators aplenty. I, of course, love this one from Accessorize, at £26.

Bow Detail Contrast Lace Mini Top Hat

Bow detail contrast lace mini top hat

You will be needing a frilly blue dress. Stay with me – I’m not talking actually Alice costume dress up with a pinny and all. You can get some stunning dresses that are party-season appropriate. For example, this beautiful prom dress on Asos. It’s only £85 and all *faints* (and yes, it has a big bow on the back. Perfect!)


Warehouse Embellished Yoke Prom Dress

You will be requiring tea, because it is ALWAYS tea time. And to serve tea, I advise something with hearts on – the Queen won’t come for a pot of tea if it’s not got hearts on. And here, Emma Bridgewater can help you – here is just the cup from here lovely range of heart designs. The cup is £13.95, but you can get other tea-time crockery too!

Pink Hearts Tea Cup

Pink hearts tea cup

And finally, a quirky one, just because. You can’t eat them and they won’t change your size, but seller StemellinaSupplies suggests many ways to use these beauties. So whether you want to use them as kooky interior decor, or you intend to make a very unique necklace out of them, you can get 40 of these wool felted mushrooms for only $55 (£36.15 – that’s less than a quid a mushroom!)

40 Red Wool Felted Mushrooms

40 Red wool felted mushrooms

Look, guys, I hope you have a LOVELY Christmas. I hope this gift guide has been helpful – please let me know if it’s inspired you, and I may well do another next year 🙂

My best wishes for a merry Christmas and a fantastic, happy New Year to you all!


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