Crafty: Textiles, Scandi style

A couple of weeks ago, Angharad and I went to IKEA with my mum. As with all IKEA trips, we didn’t mean to buy quite so much, honest, guv.

I went to IKEA with the express intention of seeking out Christmas presents. I did get some Christmas presents (including the huge office chair that had to go back with my mother in her car, because there was NO WAY IN HELL I was getting it back via public transport). But I also got quite a few bits for myself. Not stuff I necessarily needed, but IKEA sells a lot of quirky, wonderful and CHEAP stuff. One thing that always pleasantly surprising is their massive range of high quality fabrics. My mum has made a lot of blinds in her house with IKEA textiles (I inherited the crafty gene from my ma), but I personally have never bought fabrics from IKEA. Well, I say never. I have now.

As soon as I set eyes on this beauty, I had to have it. You all know about my adoration of wild animals. And some of you might know that I quite like origami (pointless as it is). I had no idea what I wanted to do with it, but I knew I had to have it. And at only £3.99 a metre, I COULD have it. I could justify buying it. I got 2m.

I’m thinking scatter cushions, but I would like to inject some colour into these guys. Long stitch? Fabric paints? Anyone have any ideas?

Regardless, I have it now. I’m sure whatever I make with it will look uber cool.


2 thoughts on “Crafty: Textiles, Scandi style

  1. Red machine or hand feather stitches scattered between like bird tracks, either as a quilted stitch or just surface, then make into cushions with a luxe backing, velvet, thick corduroy, dupioni, for texture contrast as well? A great fabric with many possibilities!


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