Christmas: Rule Britannia

Over the last couple of years, I have toppled unwittingly on the Cool Britannia bang wagon. I’m not sure if I’m proud of it or not, but I will not deny my love for all things Union Jack (or Union flag, if you’ve been watching too much QI). The thing is, I AM British, and I AM proud (I’m proud of my Belgian roots too, and of my strong specifically Scottish heritage, but I was brought up a Brit, so we’ll focus on that). And the bold colours of the Union Jack look pretty awesome adorning anything and everything. There is such thing as overkill, but golly, there is an awful lot of choice out there. I’m going to give Emma Bridgewater and Jan Constantine a miss (because they are waaaaay too obvious, and you’ve probably seen all there is to see from them).

To start things off, I’m going back to Matalan (as I mentioned last week, one of my new best friends). I mentioned that I got my new doormats from there, so here I am going to share the big secret. They were £5 each. A FIVER. It’s almost criminally cheap. And they look gorgeous. We have one inside and one outside of the front door, and I have to say, they have brightened up the hallway and outside landing at least 620%. No word of a lie. So, off you hop to Matalan and bag yourself one. Or two. I’m looking at you, lady-who-is-soon-to-move-into-her-new-house.

Union Jack Coir Doormat

Union Jack doormat

I am yet to find my perfect Union Jack duvet cover set, but some have come pretty close. Matalan themselves had a pretty close call with their monochrome set, but unfortunately it’s only 50% cotton and felt a bit too stiff for something I’d have to sleep under. This beauty from Linens Limited is a pretty strong contender too – it’s got bold colours, but it’s not offensive to sleepy morning eyes like that set from Debenhams. And at only £15 for a double size duvet cover (plus 2 pillow cases) it’s a bit of a steal. Sadly, it too is a blend – 48% cotton and 52% polyester. You just can’t win sometimes.

Rock UK duvet set

Union Jacks look fantastic adorned on bags, too – did no one tell you this? And you can play around with the colours for a bit of fun. Accessorize are champions of this field. Check out this pair: a huuuuge handbag for the day time (Ben’s sister has one) and a glitzy clutch for the evening (I caught this the first time around, and my big brother got me one in the original red, white & blue for my 21st birthday). The handbag is £38 and the clutch comes in at £32.

Union Jack Weekend Bag

Union Jack weekend bag

Union Jack Sequin Clutch BagUnion Jack Sequin Clutch Bag

Are you are cyclist? Want to be safe AND look cool? Then you need this. YOU NEED IT. £50 is a small price to pay to be safe and chic. Head on down to Urban Outfitters.

Nutcase Union Jack Cycling Helmet

Finally, a bit of a spoof item. It’s really just for those of you who want to break the bank is favour of queen and country (and I do). I saw this armchair at the Grand Designs Live show last year, and it is GORGEOUS. It is huge (probably sits 1.5 people, or one slouchy person – me!) and upholstered in a sumptuous navy velvet. They also do it in a variety of other colours, but this is the one for me. No price is given on their website, but I remember it being priced at over £1,000 at GDLive, so a little out of my budget. But I want it sooooo baaaadly. Sigh. If you have the budget, head over to Lathams Homes.

Union Jack wing chair

And on that bombshell – that’s all we have time for, I’m afraid! Be sure to check out next week’s final instalment – it’s now only 15 days ’til Christmas, folks!

And finally: happy shopping!!


4 thoughts on “Christmas: Rule Britannia

  1. He he, I love that I am ‘lady-who-is-soon-to-move-into-her-new-house’. Gotta love a good old Union Jack print. I didn’t know that Accessorize clutch came in those colours – love it. I also love that armchair. And yes, I shall have to take myself off to Matalan, as I realise it is a crime that I have never been! xxx


    • Was that not subtle enough? 😉

      That Union Jack clutch has been in 5 different incarnations at LEAST so far. The only one I didn’t like was the one that looked like it had fallen into a vat of highlighter fluid.

      As for Matalan – maybe we’ll take you there some time? There’s one in Purley but there’s a big one in Kilburn tooooo xx


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