No, I’m not talking about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ song. Although that is a brilliant song. Let’s watch the video, just quickly…

OK, now where was I? MAPS.

Recently, the Londonist announced the exciting news that their series of hand-drawn London maps is to be included in an exhibition at the Museum of London in April next year. To be fair, this announcement was the first I’d even heard about their series of hand drawn maps, but having had a look, I am so, SO impressed.

This one of the entirety of zone 1 (and then some) is adorable, and very funny.

This one of Kings Cross is simple and very sweet.

This masterpiece depicting Mayfair is STUNNING.

But I think my favourite so far has to be this very original map of Brixton (and I don’t just love it because it’s my end of town). It’s very imaginative, and I love that the artist has emphasized their favourite haunts by making them into fruit on the tree.

You can have a browse of all the other entries and read more about the upcoming exhibit on the Londonist’s website.

And if this has all given you the cartography bug then guess what: they’re still looking for entries! Yes, YOU TOO could have the chance to appear in the exhibition. From the Londonist’s own website:

“That’s still a long way off, so there’s time for new submissions. If you’d like to be considered for inclusion in the exhibition (and be featured on Londonist), simply send us a doodle of your local neighbourhood, the area you work in, or some random part of town that deserves more attention. Or get really creative and draw London in the year 3000, or London based on works of fiction, or an animal’s eye view of London…or whatever your imagination can come up with.

Send all entries to hello – at – There’s no real deadline, but the sooner you send something in, the sooner we’ll put it up on the site.”

I hope that’s awakened the artist in you. Good luck!
Image credits: simplified map of London from, hand-maps from


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