Christmas: Pirate Booty

Ho ho ho! And a bottle of rum, this week, chaps. OK, I know I don’t often talk about them any more, but pirates are still THE coolest thing. EVER. Even cooler than sliced bread EVER was. I was given a Playmobil pirate ship for Christmas when I was about… 4? 5? And I think my mum still has it somewhere.

Everyone loves pirates. They sound silly, and they steal all the best clothes. Oh, and they drink booze and swear. If only they all looked like Johnny Depp.

First up, I have a new love in my life: Matalan. Yes, I realise it’s hardly haute couture but I don’t really care. I got my new winter coat there, I got my new doormats from there, and most importantly I got this kick-ass jumper dress from there. Only £20, so run quick and get yours. I can’t find it on there website, but I only got it last week in their NW London store. Go! Seek! Find!

Skull and crossbones jumper dress from Matalan

Next up, probably the most I would willingly spend on an umbrella. OK, so it is probably going to encourage you to partake in a fencing style duel (which can only end in tears) but it will make you feel INCREDIBLY cool. Swords are cool but illegal. Umbrella sabre is not illegal. From ThinkGeek, at $34.99 (or £22 to normal folk).

Sabre Umbrella

Staying with ThinkGeek for a moment: Slankets. Good in principle (a blanket you can wear! With arm holes and everything!) but AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL in reality. I don’t know. They are just awful. But you know what? Put skull&crossbones on it, and suddenly it’s acceptable. It’s suddenly cool. $32.99 (£21)

Pirate Slanket

Yes, I did the obligatory Etsy scour. Unfortunately, a lot the results for a “pirate” search were either really tacky or for children (sorry, I am not recommending stuff for your kids – it’s too obvious). HOWEVER I did stumble across this nautical gem from billyblue22, and I want it so much it almost hurts. It reminds me of a gorgeous solid bronze octopus figurine I saw near St Abbs (Scotland) in July. It’s £85, and comes in a variety of sizes.

Octopus Ring Sterling Silver sized 4 to 7 and 7 to 11 exclusive new original design carved cast and finished in NYC USA Blue Bayer Design

Octopus Ring

You guys know I love to bake. And mores the better when it’s novelty baking (like my dino biscuits). So I may well do pirate cupcakes for my next birthday party. There 24 cases in the set (and funny cocktail stick flags 🙂 ) and it’s £8.95 from Amazon.

Pirate Party Cupcake Kit

It is very, VERY cold out. I am having events cancelled left, right and centre due to “adverse weather”. Personally, I’m just Getting On With Things. I love this weather (as I’ve said previously) so any excuse to wrap up warm and head out for a good trudge. I bought my first ever pair of earmuffs a few weeks ago, and have not looked back. I might have to invest in another pair… Preferably these ones, £7.99 at the wonderful goth emporium, Kate’s Clothing.

Skull Earmuffs

Oh, and finally – should you have any pennies spare – you can get this wonderfully garish moneybank. Also comes in silver, just in case pearl isn’t bling enough for you. £20 from Urban Outfitters.

Skull moneybank, £20

More next week! It’s now only 22 days ’til Christmas!

Again, if anyone has any more ideas for themes, feel free to suggest (or even get in touch if you want to do a guest post!) And finally: happy shopping!!






4 thoughts on “Christmas: Pirate Booty

  1. Hey thanks for bloggin about my ring. I kinda want one of those umbrellas though I know I would leave it behind in a cafe in like two weeks.

    Cool blog, keep it going 🙂 Blue


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