Let it snow

OK, the last handful of posts have been a bit maudlin (not the Brixton foxes, but the memorial post and then that stuff about depression) so I thought I’d give you some pure, unadulterated Christmas joy.

We’re now into December. And the snow is here! Every year, everyone prays for a white Christmas, but all I’ve heard so far is “I hate snow!” “God, I wish it’d stop snowing” etc. etc. etc.

Well, I love snow. I’m sad that snow stopped my mum from coming to meet me at IKEA (snow in Sussex is a lot heavier than in London), but you know what? We can go another day. And besides, her puppy looks super happy to see snow for the first time:

Snow only hits the south of the country every so often, and I’d like to make the most of it. Yes, I’m well aware that travelling will be hell. But I’m also well aware that outside looks very pretty right now. And the mulled wine I made was amazing. And I love swaddling myself in winter clothes.

And what better feeling is there than coming in from the cold, to a warm house, and shaking off all your damp, snowy clothes, and curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea? You don’t get that lovely feeling in the summer.

Finally, I adore taking long walks in the crisp, new winter snow. The air is cold, but the walk warms you up. And there are chances that you might be walking through the trees in Richmond Park, and in a clearing, you’ll have a life-affirming, 100% Pure Christmas moment like this:

He stared at me for an awfully long time. It was surreal and beautiful.

So I implore you: make the most of this weather. I’m sorry that you have to cancel plans. I’m sorry you have to spend ages scraping ice from your windscreen. I’m sorry that you fell on your backside for the umpteenth time. Your hands are cold, I know. But you know what? Snow is wonderful. It is, for want of a less twee word, magical.


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